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it’s been a long time since i’d been as titillated and scintillated so fervently by cinema. this romp had all the right moves and sequences, and revealed itself in a way that an intense hot new lover comes on and takes over.

REDLINE sets the libidinous heat with a starting yet familiar glance from our leading guy’s violet eyes and just never gives us a chance to come up for air. a slow deep crush eases into a genuinely inspired and passionate connection. and that’s just the race.

the film more than delivers a dense and delirious passage towards the Redline, replete with robocops, droids, best friends, nazis, beatniks, princess with entourage, and racing sluts. the pace and content skirt the edge of losing control, but keeps the heat on while sustaining a skillful yet beatific seduction.

REDLINE delivers all that of a great lover: intellectual stimulation, aesthetic inspiration, lust, loyalty, surrender, and performative catharsis.  it leaves us not just sated like a good fuck does, but ultimately bears the aural and ecstatic intoxication of real love.

what i find most inspiring about REDLINE is that we are finally experiencing the soulful wisdom of several decades of anime’s maturation into a medium we just can’t deny.


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